Checking/ examining of the legal status of the contracting party

Checking/examining of the legal status of the Belarusian contracting party is needed in case of doubt at the stage of concluding a business agreement, as well as when the dispute has arisen since default/non-performance by the Belarusian counterpart. The attorney can check out the official legal status of the legal entity or sole propritor/individual, the status of its authorized governing body, if the company is under liquidation or insolvency/bankruptcy procedure or not, whether it is necessary to obtain a special resolution of the governing body of the company for concluding the transaction (major/ large-scale transactions and transactions with affiliated persons).

The attorney can also check out the company’s financial status to certain extent and whether the company is under pending enforcement proceedings or not, as well as the availability of real estate and other registered property in order to ensure a possible lawsuit in the future. The attorney can also check the powers of the head of the company to sign the agreement.

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