Corporate disputes (disputes between the shareholder and joint-stock company, members of other business corporations and partnerships etc.)

Disputes between the shareholder and the joint-stock company, other members of business corporations and partnerships, which arise while the business corporations and partnerships carry out activities, relate to the special jurisdiction of the economic courts. The disputes which are most frequently faced in the sphere of corporate disputes are as follows:

• expulsion of the member of the business corporation;

• payment (non-payment) of dividends or part of the company’s property after withdrawal of the member;

• violation of the procedure of decision-making by bodies of the company, the appeal of such resolutions;

• establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the legal entity;

• ownership of shares, fractions in the statutory fund of business corporations and partnerships, members’ shares of cooperatives, determining their encumbering and exercising ensued rights;

• claims of founders/ promoters, participants, members of the legal entity for damages caused towards the legal entity;

• claims for invalidation of transactions made by a legal person, and (or) the application of consequences of the invalidity of such transactions;

• appointment or election, termination, suspension of the powers and liability of the persons who are or were part of the governing bodies and the control bodies of the legal entity, as well as disputes arising from civil legal relationships between the above-mentioned persons and the legal entity and entity in connection with the exercise, termination or suspension of powers of these persons;

• claims connected with the issuing of securities, including contesting/ challenging non-normative legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies, local authorities and bodies of local self-government, and other bodies, officials, decisions of the governing bodies of the issuer, with challenging transactions made during the placement of emissive securities, reports (notifications) on the issue (additional issue) of securities;

• summoning a general meeting of members of the legal entity;

The attorney can represent the interests of the business corporation and its members (shareholders) at the pre-trial stage and in trial stage.

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