Debt recovery

The majority of disputes brought to economic courts and arbitration courts are connected with debt recovery, thus debt recovery is a large part of the legal practice of the attorney. Debt recovery can be carried out within the framework of the pre-trial settlement of the dispute (the submitting of claims), in the writ proceedings and adversary proceedings in the court of first instance (in the superior instances – if necessity arises), in the arbitration court. The attorney can assist in debt recovery abroad (in conjunction with a lawyer (lawyers) in the country where the debtor is or its assets are located). Special attention in the legal practice of the attorney is paid to debt recovery from Belarusian legal entities by foreign companies. If possible, in addition to the principal amount of debt a penalty (fine) and interest may be charged. State fee or arbitration fee when filing a claim for recovery of debt can be calculated by means of the online calculator on this site. The claims in an economic dispute may be submitted free of charge when filling in the form on this site. Besides the above procedures, when there are appropriate justifications for this, the attorney can take advantage of other legal mechanisms for debt recovery involving state bodies of administrative and criminal jurisdiction.

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