Disputes concerning shared-equity construction of housing

In Belarus fund raising for the purpose of financing of construction of housing which aren’t put into operation is possible on the basis of certain conditions which are stipulated in Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 263 6/6/2013 “About Shared-Equity Construction of Objects in the Republic of Belarus”. At the same time it should be noted that real estate developers bear administrative responsibility for violation of the requirements of legislation.
Our Law Office offers rendering legal aid on the following lawsuits connected with shared-equity construction of housing:
• disputes over recognition of the property right while participation in shared-equity construction;
• responsibility of real estate developer in connection with violation of terms of construction, other terms under the contract and penalty;
• disputes over non-pecuniary damages;
• disputes in connection with low-quality performance of construction works and also concerning warranty periods;
• disputes over increase in the price of an object creation contract of shared-equity construction;
• disputes over discrepancy of peculiarities of an apartment with terms of an object creation contract of shared-equity construction and other disputes.

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