Information technologies and telecommunications

IT-industry of Belarus and all over the world is a rapidly-growing sector of the economics. Assistance of the lawyer may be necessary while drafting business contracts (outsourcing, contracting), copyright contracts and other agreements in the field of IT, resolving disputes between clients and customers, international economic expansion in the high-tech sphere. Special attention in this area should be paid to the issues of the applicable law and elimination of double taxation of income concerning both international companies and freelancers.

The consultations in the field of telecommunications our law office provides with legal assistance in the following areas:

  • creation and development of the telecommunications business;
  • construction and reorganization of the networks and the introduction of new telecommunications services;
  • support of public procurement procedures in the electronic communications sector;
  • regulation of the activities and compliance with legal requirements;
  • support of investment projects in the field of telecommunications.

Legal assistance in the field of telecommunications also include a legal review of new services, additional services, tariffs and tariff plans, the preparation of contracts and changes in the operating conditions of subscriber contracts, as well as representation in registering and regulatory bodies.

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