Intellectual property


Registration of applications and registration of trademarks.

Trademark registration is required in order to trademark protected in the Republic of Belarus. Trademark protection in other countries, because of its national registration does not give the right to use that trademark in countries where it is not registered. Only after receipt of the certificate of state registration of the trademark, issued by the National Center of Intellectual Property can legally use the trademark to refer to goods, services, advertising, etc. on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Registration of a trademark as to avoid a situation where a trade mark is used in commerce in other countries, will be registered in the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the other legal entity, and thus, your company will be deprived of the opportunity to register and use the trademark on the territory of the Republic of Belarus .

We provide with the following legal aid:

  • Preparing the application for trademark registration;
  • Search classes of goods and services in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services for the statements
  • Support the registration of a trademark (ie, the application process, traceability and examination results, the negotiations with the National Center of Intellectual Property)
  • Preparation of requests for accelerated examination of a trademark
  • Advising on the use of the trademark
    • Copyright
    • Register software
    • Know-how
    • Information Technology
    • Patenting
    • Contracts in the field of intellectual property
    • License Agreements

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