The basic principles of our work with the clients are quality, responsibility, confidentiality and quickness. We like our work and always aim at the positive outcome. We strive for being the best in the area of our specialization according to the estimation of our clients and colleagues. Our goal is to win.

We not just render legal services, what we do is providing legal assistance, based on what is really necessary and crucial for our clients. We are always in search for the best solution. The issues which our clients are facing become our own tasks, which we solve jointly. And we never give up.

We are proactive and we do our utmost to solve and settle issues before they transform into problems.

Predictable payment

The paying of the fee for the services rendered is based on the principle of the hours rate; the fee for one representation in a court proceeding cannot be less than the sum agreed upon and stipulated in advance with the client regardless of the timeframe of the court proceedings.

The attorney never issues bills which have not been agreed upon in advance. In practice, sometimes the issues arise, which significantly increase the timeframe required for the completion of the task and accordingly the fee. In such cases we always keep the client informed on the fee changes and terms (timeframe for completion) alternations and reach an agreement upon them prior to starting the next stage of work. Such issues are always taken under control.

The minimum cost of the counsel provided amounts to 100 euro. This sum of money must be paid for the services rendered by the attorney on any kind of appeal to such services regardless of the time required for the completion of the task. Please take the above-mentioned facts into consideration while contemplating your intention to apply to the attorney for the legal services.

Staying in touch: you are always kept informed

We will agree with you upon the most suitable way for you of staying in touch: by email, phone or fax. We will agree upon how frequently and in which form you wish to receive reports on the fulfilled work. The advisable means of contacting for new and potential clients with regard to not urgent issues is by email. Contacting in writing guarantees the correct precise understanding of the questions of the client and the tasks facing the attorney and/or his assistant. If you are short of time for writing a letter by email, just leave your contact numbers and get across your question in brief, and we will contact you without fail in 1-5 hours (if the message is sent within the working hours). If your matter is urgent and brooks absolutely no delay you can send an SMS or call the mobile phone by using the contact number shown under the heading “Contacts”.

Reservations: attorney and (or) his assistant do not guarantee to answer the mobile phone call in the situations when mobile phone use is forbidden (in the court or public offices) or when it is inacceptable for reasons of ethics (at the negotiations). But we will call you back without fail as soon as it is possible. Thank you for understanding.