Succession Disputes

When a citizen dies his/her property according to the procedure of succession passes to successors in the order established by the law. According to the first paragraph of article 1032 of Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus succession is carried out under the will and under the law. At the same time intestate succession takes place when there is no will.
It should be noted that the citizen has the right to dispose of the property at discretion and to devise and bequeath it to any person or several persons. Also he can disinherit the person at any time or, for example, cancel the will.
In this regard in practice often there are hereditary disputes when for example, the testator devised and bequeathed all the property not to family members, but to a stranger. In such situation a qualified legal aid of a lawyer for protection of the rights and interests can be required.
Also, term of acceptance of succession can be passed by successors in view of various reasons. In that case it is necessary to restore passed term in a judicial proceeding.
In practice there are disputes over an occasion of recognition of a will as invalid, of a successor as unworthy, of inheritance as vacant, and also concerning division of property between successors.
We will help you with not an easy situation occurred and we will provide you with different solutions among which you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

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